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Do you feel that America lost the Vietnam War? I have found a conflicting opinion running through my research. Many feel that we did not loose the war while other feel that it's the first war lost by America. Which would you say is a more commonly held belief by Vietnam Veterans?

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Date Posted: 11:30:35 04/13/00 Thu
Author: John Dennison

Subject: Re: A Question: Who Won?
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The war in Vietnam was a defeat for the United States in its fight against Communism. However, it was not lost by the American fighting men but by the Politicians and the yellow journalism of the American media.

The Tet Offensive of 1968 was a major defeat for the NVA and VC. They would have probably sought for peace, if it were not for the yellow journalism of the U.S. media. The media proclaimed the defeat as a major victory for the NVA and VC. The turmoil that proceeded this reporting caused President Johnson to make a decision not to run for a second term and increase the demand to pull out American troops from Vietnam. The reporting also gave the leaders in North Vietnam hope in a victory, reaffirming that their will is stronger then the United States.

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