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Vietnam Related Links

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(Featuring 60's music and AFVN snippets)

tiny-cav-trans-1.gif (1035 bytes) First Cavalry Division Association
8thcav-med-transparent.gif (777 bytes) Jumping Mustangs Homepage
tiny-cav-trans-1.gif (1035 bytes) Paul Grandy - B Company 1/8th Cav
Gordon Swenson - D Company 1/8th Cav
D Company 2/8th (Angry Skipper)
Skytrooper Vietnam Tour of Duty
5th and 2/12th U.S. Cavalry
small229transparent.gif (3863 bytes) 229th Aviation Battalion
2-8_cav.gif (1281 bytes) K8MIA - 1st Cav Trooper & Retired Police Officer
Silver Wings of the Cav
Rocky Mountain Chapter
monument3.jpg (4190 bytes) The Vietnam War
cmh-sm-transparent.gif (1474 bytes) Hall of Heroes
tiny-vn.jpg (1171 bytes) VVA Chapter 172 - Reflections by Lee Teter 
tiny-vn.jpg (1171 bytes) Women in Vietnam
tiny-25th-Infantry.gif (2781 bytes) Battle of Dau Tieng
8thcav-med-transparent.gif (777 bytes) 8th Cavalry Regiment
Tall Comanche - Company C 2/5 Cavalry, 1st Cav Div.
Navy Corpsman
sm15med.gif (7193 bytes) 15th Med. Medevac Association
virtual-wall.gif (1718 bytes) Virtual Wall
cross-sabers_1-9.gif (3820 bytes) B Troop, 1st Squadron 9th Cav
gia-vuc.jpg (5254 bytes) Gia-Vuc Website - Tribute to Special Forces
9th Infantry Division
1/501st Medics - Honoring Medics from the Past to Present
B-2/501st (101st Airborne Division)
Doc Kilpatrick's Web Site
362nd Aviation Co. - The Last Hookers
Doc Pardue's Rice Patty Stew & Saigon Tea
 3/5 Cav - Black Knights
History of U.S. Armies in Uniform
C Company 1/5th Cav
45th Surgical Hospital - Tay Ninh
Kitchen Table Gang - Veterans Helping Veterans
Navy Corpsmen
173rd Airborne
Karl's Korner - POW / MIA 
Special Forces Association
I Have Been To The Wall - Poem
The Promise Kept



Cav patch with head phones1st Cav Medic Radio Station


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