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Tammy wanted to know what effect Vietnam had on soldiers.  The following is my response to Tammy's question.

I would say Vietnam affected everyone who was there.  I believe the majority of the Veterans returned home and adjusted to live a normal life.  I, myself, think about Vietnam and the men who were wounded or killed there every day.  I believe their memories will live with me until I die.  However, I think I was able to live a normal life afterwards.  I joined a police department after leaving the service and remained on the department until I retired from a police related disability.

You have to remember a lot of people were brought into the services from various backgrounds to fight the war in Vietnam.  Just like in today's general population you have the majority of the people doing their best in their daily lives.  You also have an element who just barely get by, along with those who have criminal tendencies or mental problems. You had the same mixture in Vietnam.




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