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Don Poss, the webmaster of War-Stories, had compiled a survey questionnaire for Vietnam veterans to fill out for student researchers.  The questions and my responses to these questions are listed below.


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Name and Rank

John Dennison SP/5

1. What branch of the service were you in?

U.S. Army

2. How were you recruited?

I went to the recruiters office and enlisted in the delay recruitment program 2 months before I graduated from high school.

3. What was basic training like for you?

It was easy. I was in shape from playing sports in High School

4. Where did you go to tech school (if any) for?

I went to Fort Sam Houston Texas for training in becoming a combat medic.

5. What was your job in the war? etc. medic, pilot, etc.

I was a medic

6. What was your MOS? (If more than one name all)

91A10 (Combat Medic) 91B20 (Medical Specialist)

7. What was your first permanent duty station?

Vietnam,  we operated out of III Corps.  Base camps were in Tay Ninh and then Quan Loi.

8. How old were you when you enlisted, or were drafted?

I was 18 years old when I enlisted in the Army

9. How old are you now?


10. When did you join the war in Vietnam?

December 1968

11. How did you come to be in the War? etc. volunteer

Enlisted in the Army and was assigned to Vietnam after Advanced Individual Training (Medic)

12. What were your first impressions of Vietnam?

Hot and Humid

13. What, if anything, do you feel that you gained from your time in Vietnam?

Self confidence and knowing I saved other peoples lives.

14. Was the war different from what you had expected before you arrived? In what ways?

Yes....I thought the people wanted us to be there but I found a lot of them were indifferent towards the war. I expected to see most if not all the young men to be in the Army....I found a large number of the young men not in the Army...It made me wonder why are we here when they are not willing to fight for themselves.

15. What country were you fighting for? eg USA, Australia etc.


16. How long did you serve?

12 months in Vietnam and 3 years in the Army

17. What was you rank in the army?


18. Did you receive any medals, if so what and what for?

Yes.... We all did ...Combat Medical Badge, Bronze star, Air Medial, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry

19. During the war were you well informed on what was happening in the outside world?

We would get news from the radio and "Stars and Stripes" news paper....this information was censored

20. What did you do when you weren't fighting?

I was a medic with an infantry outfit. We humped the boonies most of the time looking for the NVA. We would be out for weeks at a time in the jungle. When we did come in for a break for two or three days we would pull guard duty at night and build bunkers and fix wires during the day....We would also go on patrols on the outside of the LZ looking for any NVA or VC movement or signs of their presence near the LZ.

21. What was you life like after the war?

I found out that I liked helping people and I wanted to help them before they got hurt...So I became a police officer.

22. How did you feel about the out come of the war?


23. If you had to do it again, knowing what you do now, would you?

I probably would have.

24. Name all the countries you were stationed in during the Vietnam War era.

Vietnam and USA

25. How long were you in each of those countries?

Vietnam - 12 mos. USA - 24 mos.

26. What base were you stationed at in each of those countries?

USA - Ft. Knox, Ft. Sam Houston, Ft. Carson Vietnam: III Corps Tay Ninh and Quan Loi area.

27. Were you married when you went into the service?

No,  I did get married after Basic Training - 1968 We are still married.

28. If yes how long?


29. If you went in-country what was it like for you?

It was a living hell. It changed my life. I was not the same person after leaving Vietnam. The war reduced me down to my basic instincts. I saw the dark side of myself that I hated.

30. What was your unit name and #?(ex.Ghost Riders, 189 assault Helicopter.)

Jumping Mustangs 1st Battalion 8th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division

31. Did you experience any anti-war propaganda?

None in Vietnam

32. How old were you when the war began/ended?

15 - 25




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