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Request for Help


I have received several e-mails requesting help.  Please read the below listed requests and see if you can be of assistance.  If you find that you need some help or information from some of our visitors, just drop a line to .  I will be happy to place your request on this page.  I do, however, reserve the right to censor requests for inappropriate content.  Please read these e-mails and help if you can.


Looking for Doc Hickman - C Company 2/5th Cav

Looking for anyone who knew 2nd Lt. Richard Morgan 2/7th Cav

Looking for anyone who knew Donald Peters 2nd Bn. 7th Cav

Looking for 5/7th Cav Medics

Looking for Troopers who were in C Co. 1/8th 20 Feb 67

Looking for information on Anthony Calucci - 1st Cav 1969

Looking for Frank Fettuccia - Medic 35th Infantry Co. D

Looking for Medics - 1/8th Jun69 - May 70

Looking for Captain Andre - A Co. 2/5th Cav

Looking for John Davis "Pat" - 2/8th Cav 68-69

Looking for a medic - Co. C 1/12th Cav

Robert Dalton - Co. B 1/8th Cav

Looking for Information on PFC Witzkoski

"Doc Soul" Looking For Men Who Served With Him - C Co. 1/8th Cav 68-69

Looking for Troopers from HHC or Bravo Co. 2/8th Cav 1968

Looking for Doc Galloway - D Co. 1/8th Cav 1967

Doc Adams & other soldiers from C Company 1/12th Cav

Medics from 1/8 Cav (Dec.70 - April 71)

Looking for 1/8th Cav Medic

Looking for CPL Webb - 1/8th Cav 1968

Looking for anyone who knew Leonard James Chislock

Looking for Medic Bartlett - B Co., 1/7th Cav

Looking for Harry J. Smiley - B Co., 2/5th Cav

Looking for Doc Brinker - 1/12th Cav

Looking for Information on Lt. Donel Joe Dobbs

Looking for 2/7th Cav Medic - Tommy Lee Cole

Looking for Medic from A Co. 1/8th Cav

Looking Doc Fertel 2/12th Cav

Looking for Doc Diaz, Co A, 2nd Bn, 5th Cav 68-69

Looking for Head Medic of Co. A, 1/8 Cav, 1st Cavalry Division

Looking for Warrant Officer William "Mike" Sullivan

Looking for anybody who knew my Dad - Edmond Virgil Mann

Looking for Michael Venable - Medic B Co. 1/8 Cav

Looking for Robert Argumosa - Blues Medic, D Co. 229th AHB

Looking for fellow Troopers from Charlie Company 2/5 Cav

Looking for anyone who knew her father in 1/12th Cav

Looking for Pelosi, Belyea, Kohn

Looking for Medics from the 2/12 Cav

Looking for anyone who knew Robert Tillquist

Sister of Gary Ralph Schwellenbach

Looking for anyone who knew Captain Thomas Hudson

Looking for Medical Units in Vietnam

Looking for anyone who knew Wesley Kerr - 1st Cav Medic (KIA) March 21, 1969

Looking for James Dempsey - B 2/5 Cav 67-68

Looking for Robert Cook- 9th Infantry Medic 2/47 1969

Looking for Bill Martin

Looking for Doc Brothers

Do you know this medic?

Looking for a Medic - 2/8th Cav

Looking for anyone who knew Ronald Harrill

Requesting information about Cav unit in Long Thanh

Looking for anyone from 2/7 in early 1970

Looking for fellow trooper from 1/5 Dec 69 to Dec 70

106th General Hospital in Japan - 12/30/98


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