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Leigh Sparacino posted the following queston on Don Poss's Bulletin Board. 

The Wall -- Leigh Sparacino, 18:02:55 04/19/00 Wed

I am a student at Western Carolina University and am doing a paper on the Wall for a Vietnam Literature class; one of the very best classes I have ever taken in my 7 years as a college student. My question is this: When Maya Lin's design was chosen, there were many people, vets included, that were opposed to the design for several different reasons. Now, the Wall seems almost universally loved, and has become even more important than anyone could have anticipated. If anyone out there changed their mind about the Wall after viewing it, please let me know what changed your mind, and why. Any feelings regarding this remarkable monument would be greatly appreciated. I visited the Wall for the first time in March, and couldn't believe how powerful it is. Thank you all very much, especially those who served. Leigh

The following was my response to Leigh's question

Date Posted: 20:04:26 04/19/00 Wed
Author: John Dennison Subject: Re: The Wall
In reply to: Leigh Sparacino's message, "The Wall" on 20:04:26 04/19/00 Wed


At first when the Memorial was in the planning stage, I was against it. At the time, all the other memorials were above ground and towering. This memorial was going to start at ground level and go down. I felt they (U.S. population who did not serve in Vietnam) are going to try to bury the memory of Vietnam and it's Veterans.

I was wrong. Today, it is the most powerful memorial we have ever made to honor Veterans. I have visited the Wall several times. The first time I was not able to go down in front of the Wall. Subsequent visits brought very strong emotions to me and I was unable to look up my friends. However, I was able to walk in front of the wall. The next time, I will look up my friends and say a separate prayer over their names.

The Vietnam Memorial Wall will always hold a very special spot in my heart.

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