Gary Ralph Schwellenbach received the Distinguished Service Cross posthumously.   His sister, Debbie Barnard, was only nine years old at the time of his death.   Because of her young age, she did not have enough time to get to know her brother and has only been able to rely on information provided by her family.  If you served with Gary Ralph Schwellenbach, please contact her at the below listed e-mail address.   Remember that even a small note of comfort would be appreciated.

.......It is great to be able to talk to someone about my brother, someone besides just
family.  I sometimes feel like I am besides my parents, the only ones who
think about my brother daily.  Is there anyway you could get me in contact
with anyone who may have known my brother and may have been there when he
died?  I always want to talk to people who have been in the same place as my
brother.  I know though that some people, because of what it was like and
what they went through, don't want to talk about Vietnam.  Thank you again
for writing me back.

Debbie Barnard 




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