Subject:  Locating Medics from 1/8 Cav (Dec.70 - April 71)

From:  Douglas F. Turtzo, M.D.

Dear Mr. Dennison, 

I was the battalion surgeon for the 1/8 Battalion from Dec. 1970 to April 1971 and need help locating some of the medics our battalion.  I was very close to the medics, living and serving with them on the fire base. Is there any way I can get a unit roster or other means to locate the medics.

In addition, I am trying to locate the family of Roy Ray Hall, a medic who died in April 1971. He is originally from Tulsa, but I have no way of identifying addresses of relatives. Roy went with one of the Medevac choppers to assist in rescuing 5 casualties. The chopper took fire while evacuating the wounded but was able to bring the guys to us at FSB Mace. We worked for over one hour on the wounded, and Roy also assisted us. When we finally evacuated the wounded to 24th Evac, I noted that Roy was very pale and was sitting down. I asked him how he felt, and he said that he had taken a round through the groin when on the helicopter.  Roy was our next patient, was in shock, and needed stabilization prior to our evacuating him to Long Binh. He was a true hero, andthe story needs to be told.  Any help you could give would be deeply appreciated.


Douglas F. Turtzo, M.D. (


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