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Jane Fonda's Mug Shot


I received the following message signed "peace madam" 

Original e-mail was removed at writer's request 

Here is my response to the above e-mail. 


I would like to make a suggestion to you.  When corresponding to a person that you do not know, do not use profanity in your letter.  It reflects very poorly upon yourself and the topic you are supporting.  Most people will stop reading a letter when they read the first profane word.  I would also suggest, that you use your own words and phrases instead of someone else's such as "imperialist animals".  

[She also spelled America as amerika, this spelling is used by some communist     sympathizers.  I did not put amerika in my response e-mail to her...  I have added this comment now because you are no longer able to view the original e-mail.]    

This terminology is associated with communist propaganda.  By your using this terminology, it identifies you as a communist or a puppet of communist propaganda, spouting their rhetoric.  Remember people judge you by the words you use.

Ion Mihai Pacepa, a Romania's spy chief and general, stated Kerry repeated almost word for word our planted propaganda on the Vietnam War that they had spread in Europe in his U.S. Congressional hearing (before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee).  

John Kerry's Congressional Hearing

Pacepa, further stated "KGB chairman Yuri Andropov managed our anti-Vietnam War operation. He often bragged about having damaged the U.S. foreign-policy consensus, poisoned domestic debate in the U.S., and built a credibility gap between America and European public opinion through our disinformation operations. Vietnam was, he once told me, "our most significant success." " 

Ion Mihai Pacepa wrote "The KGB campaign to assault the U.S. and Europe by means of disinformation was more than just a few Cold War dirty tricks." (National Review online - Kerry’s Soviet Rhetoric - By Ion Mihai Pacepa)

Jane Fonda lived in France in the mid to late 60's.  This is where I suspect she first heard and read this disinformation on the Vietnam War that was spread by the KGB.  Upon her return to the United States she continued to spread this disinformation.  Jane Fonda, John Kerry and the V.V.A.W. worked on the Winter Soldier project in Detroit.  Some of those people who testified before this hearing were not the persons they projected themselves to be, but were planted to spout the communist disinformation (propaganda).  Kerry would use the information gathered at the Winter Soldier project for his Congressional testimony before the Unites States Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

I first observed Jane Fonda around 1970 when she and a group of protesters approached the gate outside of Fort Carson, Colorado. I was originally shocked by her foul mouth, with the four letter words that were pouring forth. I quickly realized that this person epitomized everything I disliked about the Viet Nam war demonstrators. Women, during this time, refrained from using such language, especially in public. I have heard many people say she was just doing what she thought was right and they admired her for her stance. In my opinion, Jane Fonda was acting as an agent* for the North Vietnam by participating and organizing demonstrations, rallies, speeches on college campuses and forming the F.T.A. (F**k The Army) coffee houses around Army bases.

* Agent - Any person who works to obtain the goals of another nation either for money or for their own political beliefs.

On November 21, 1970 Jane Fonda told a University of Michigan audience of some two thousand students, "If you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would some day become communist." At Duke University in North Carolina she repeated what she had said in Michigan, adding "I, a socialist, think that we should strive toward a socialist society, all the way to communism. " Washington Times July 7, 2000

Jane Fonda was a major supporter and contributor for the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. She would travel along with VVAW, participating in rallies and helping to organize demonstrations and plays. Jane Fonda's F.T.A. coffee houses were used as a recruitment area for the VVAW.

The Vietnam Veterans Against the War Organization membership approximated 7,000 active members at it's highest, which was comparatively low, when you consider that more than 2 1/2 million Americans actually served during the Vietnam war. The VVAW organized marches and rallies in support of North Vietnam. In these marches, North Vietnamese and National Liberation Front flags were being flown as a show of support for North Vietnam. 

VC Flag at Capitol during the VVAW's March on D.C.

More VC and Communist flags during VVAW's March on Washington
  See the bottom of this page to see what each flag represented.  Note:  The Communist Laotian flag on left did not have a white circle.  Circle was added after they took over the Country in 1975.


John Kerry for President web site credits him as being a co-founder and spokesperson for the Vietnam Veterans Against the War.  John Kerry helped to orchestrate the march on Washington D.C.

In 1972 Jane Fonda traveled to North Vietnam to give her support to the North Vietnamese's Government. Jane Fonda had her picture taken on NVA anti-aircraft guns that were used to shoot down American planes. 

    Jane Fonda Sitting on a Communist A.A. gun    Jane's Admiration look while sitting on Communist A.A. gun

Jane Fonda made a radio broadcast there in support of the North Vietnam Government. When she returned to the United States, she advised the news media that all of the American Prisoners of War were being well treated and were not being tortured.  

Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda after her return from North Vietnam

As the American POWs returned home in 1973, they spoke out about the inhumane treatment and torture they had suffered as prisoners of war. Their stories directly contradicted Jane Fonda's earlier statements of 1972. Some of the American POWs such as Senator John McCain, a former Presidential candidate, stated that he was tortured by his guards for refusing to meet with Jane Fonda and her group. Jane Fonda, in her response to these new allegations, referred to our returning POWs as being "hypocrites and liars."

North Vietnamese used John Kerry's accusations to the Unites States Senate Foreign Relations Committee on American atrocities in South Vietnam as a tool during their interrogations and torture sessions on American P.O.W.'s in their attempts to get the P.O.W.s to cross over to their side. (La Times Feb. 17, 2004)

The Wall Street Journal (August 3, 1995) published an interview with Bui Tin who served on the General Staff of the North Vietnam Army and received the unconditional surrender of South Vietnam on April 30, 1975. During the interview Mr. Tin was asked if the American antiwar movement was important to Hanoi's victory. Mr. Tin responded "It was essential to our strategy" referring to the war being fought on two fronts, the Vietnam battlefield and back home in America through the antiwar movement on college campuses and in the city streets. He further stated that the North Vietnamese leadership listened to the American evening news broadcasts "to follow the growth of the American antiwar movement." Visits to Hanoi made by persons such as Jane Fonda, former Attorney General Ramsey Clark and various church ministers "gave us confidence that we should hold on in the face of battlefield reverses." Mr. Tin surmised that "America lost because of its democracy; through dissent and protest it lost the ability to mobilize a will to win."

In 1975, after the fall of the South Vietnam Government, Jane Fonda returned to Hanoi for a celebration in her honor for the work she had done for North Vietnam.

It is quite apparent to me that Jane Fonda, an admitted Socialist, was working on the behalf of North Vietnam. In my opinion, she was a traitor to the United States.

John Kerry's actions after returning home from Vietnam tarnished and diminished anything positive that he may have done in the Vietnam War. I believe that John Kerry betrayed the American Soldiers in Vietnam and used their blood for his own political advancement. American soldiers have been betrayed before by other war heroes in the past. One such betrayer was Benedict Arnold.

  John D. Dennison



North Viet Nam National Liberation Front (Viet Cong) Communist Laos  Communist Federation
1975 the Communist took control in Laos and the flag changed to the above.  Red represent the blood that was spilled.  Blue represent the Mekong River and the White circle was added to represent unity under Communism

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