Emily, a student, asked how the the Vietnam War was resolved and if it is still an ongoing problem.  The following was my response to her question.


The United States pulled out of Vietnam in 1973  after the Cease Fire Treaty was signed in Paris and went into effect on January 28, 1973.  The exception was the Marines who were assigned to protect the  embassy. 

In 1974, the war was renewed in South Vietnam.  The United States did not send any troops in support of the South Vietnam Government. 

On April 29th, 1975 the last American soldier (Marine embassy guard) was killed in Vietnam during a rocket attack. Saigon fell the following day. 

Vietnam's relationship with China deteriorates over border disputes.  Small fighting breaks out.  This occurred around 1976. 

Vietnam invaded Cambodia  in December 1978 to overthrow the Pol Pot Government and the Khmer Rouge.  This invasion was condemned by the United States and it's allies in Europe and Asia.  In 1979 the United States and their allies begin an embargo against Vietnam for their invasion of Cambodia.  Vietnam remained in Cambodia until September 1989 when their last troops were withdrawn. 

In 1991 the United Stated established an office in Hanoi for the purpose of trying to identify MIA's.  This was the beginning of the slow process in the normalization of relations between Vietnam and the United States.  Later in that year (1991), Hanoi agreed to the U.N. peace plan for Cambodia.  The United States lifted a portion of  the embargo against Vietnam.  The United States gradually lifted the remainder of the embargo.  Steady progress is continually being made between our two countries to develop and improve trade and relations.



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