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I have responded to several messages and surveys in the past few years and have posted some of my responses.  Michael Herrera also forwarded his responses to the survey questions and I have added his answers to give students another veteran's point of view for consideration.  If you are a Vietnam War Veteran who would like to share your answers with students, please e-mail your responses for posting to the webmaster: John Dennison


Jane Fonda and Communism in the United States

Jane Fonda Urban Legends

Democides in Communist and Democratic Societies

Fonda - Socialist and Revolutionary

God Bless Jane Fonda

Tet Offensive of 1968 - A Simpler Version

Jane Fonda A.K.A. Hanoi Jane - Anti-War Activities

Vietnam After-War Chronology 

Why did people call soldiers baby killers?

The Napalm Girl

The Vietnam Wall

Should the U.S. have been involved in Vietnam

Jane Fonda - Vietnam Controversy

A Vietnam Veteran's profile

Survey Responses by Michael Herrera

Who Won?

Effects of Vietnam on Soldiers

Vietnam Related Questions

"Just War Theory"

Survey Responses

War Medics

Time line on Bill Clinton's draft avoidance  

Clinton / Democratic Bashing Accusations


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