Clinton / Democratic Bashing Accusations


I have recently received several letters in reference to showing bias in commenting only on President Clinton's draft avoidance.  Some viewers have expressed that I should have also commented on George W. Bush and some of the men in the current Republican administration and their attempts to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War.  My current position is reflected by the sentiments contained below.  My Clinton example of how persons of influence, wealth and power was to illustrate how a combination of influence, wealth and power was used during the Vietnam era to avoid the draft.

The following is my response to one such person:


I had intended to write an article about George W. Bush to accompany my articles regarding the Draft Avoidance of Bill Clinton. As I was gathering supporting material on President Bush, the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon took place. I feel that this was not a time for attacking or casting aspersions on the presidency, but a time for coming together. The 1st Cav Medic (Airmobile) website receives over 100 sessions a day from foreign countries and I did not want to send a wrong or misinterpreted message to foreigners.

I would suggest that you stop and refrain from making any accusations about the President of the United States and its leadership during this time of war. One has to remember that this country has many enemies that work within our boundaries attempting to disparage this Nation and it's current action in Iraq. These organizations were very successful during the Vietnam War in disrupting the government and changing public opinion during a time when the military needed the undivided support from the home front. North Vietnam leadership realized that for them to defeat the United States, they needed to fight a two front war, one on the battlefield and the other on the city streets and college campuses of the United States. Their success in dividing this country was learned by many nations.

The 1st Cav Medic website fully supports the men and women of the armed services who are doing their duty for their country. The time for debate is over and this is a time of support for our troops.

For your information, in the last election, I was a Gore supporter. It is now a time of coming together for our troops on the front line.

John D. Dennison



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