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I recently received a letter from a long time viewer of my site expressing concern over this article about the Vietnam Draft. He believed that I was starting to use this site as a platform for political smashing of the Democratic Party.

Permit me to state this up front, I do not favor one political party over another and I will not use this site to put down either the Democratic or the Republican Parties. I believe only in voting for the individual who represents my  beliefs and interests, and not the party line.

The Vietnam Draft section of this web site serves the sole purpose of illustrating how many Americans, including Clinton, used any and all influence that was available to them to keep from active military service in Vietnam. Their actions also included actively demonstrating against the War and those soldiers who were sent to fight it. Many of the demonstrations were backed and supported by foreign enemies of the United States. Most, if not all that participated in these demonstrations, were unaware of any foreign influence at that time.

From my understanding from the teacher for whom this article was originally written, demonstrators and war protesters are now being portrayed as helping to save American lives in the history books currently used in schools. Most teachers in the school system today are too young to remember the 60's.  The truth exists that people enrolled in colleges, and joined the Reserve and National Guard Units, for the sole purpose of avoiding active military service, which could send them to Vietnam.

I have to stop and wonder who is writing the history books? I have concluded that those who are writing the history books are, in all probability, the ones who avoided the draft and are now trying to shed a better light upon themselves.

I only have high praise for teachers who have the courage and fortitude to seek other points of view, including the truth, to present to their students. Keep up the good work and tell the entire History.


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