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The Following Army Divisional Patches were used in the Viet Nam War

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1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)

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101st Airborne Division

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173rd Airborne Brigade

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82nd Airborne Division

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Special Forces

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25th Infantry Division

tiny-4th-infantry.gif (2229 bytes)

4th Infantry Division

tiny-11th-Infantry.gif (2752 bytes)

11th Light Infantry Brigade (Americal) 

1st Infantry Division

tiny-Americal-198-23DIV.gif (3602 bytes)

Americal Division

tiny-11th-Air-Assault.gif (2711 bytes)

11th Air Assault

tiny-11th-Cav.gif (3818 bytes)

11th Armor Cavalry Regiment

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196th Light Infantry Brigade (Americal)

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199th Light Infantry Brigade  

tiny-198th-Infantry-Brigade.jpg (1668 bytes)

198th Light Infantry Brigade  (Americal)

tiny-1st-Signal-Brigade.gif (2372 bytes)

1st Signal Brigade

tiny-20th-engineers.gif (2531 bytes)

20th Engineers

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5th Infantry Division

tiny-9th-Infantry.gif (2125 bytes)

9th Infantry Division

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1st Field Force

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    Military Advisory Command "MAC V" 

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United States Army Republic Vietnam

tiny-1st-aviation-bde.gif (2699 bytes)

1st Aviation Brigade

2nd Field Force

44th Medical Brigade

18th Engineers

1st Logistical Command

24th Corps

18th Military Police Brigade

4th Transporation


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