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SP/4 Robert Tillquist was a member of Bravo Company 2nd Battalion 12 Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division on November 4, 1965 when his Company became engaged in a firefight with enemy forces in the Republic of Vietnam.  During this firefight, several soldiers were wounded.  Specialist Tillquist, a company medic, went out and brought two wounded soldiers back to safety.  He returned a third time to help another wounded soldier.  As he reached the wounded soldier, enemy machinegun fire opened up on them.  While positioning his body atop the wounded trooper to protect him from further injury,  Specialist Tillquist was mortally wounded.

Lt. Col. Avera (who was then a Captain and Commanding Officer of Bravo Company) stated that they submitted Specialist Tillquist's name for the Distinguished Service Cross for expeditious reasons and for the lack of clerical personnel to complete the paperwork for the Medal of Honor.  Lt. Col. Avera remained in the Army and retired after 22 years of service.   Lt. Col. Avera believes that Specialist Tillquist should have been awarded the Medal of Honor and is now assisting Specialist Tillquist's sister, Jean Risley, in her attempt to have the Distinguished Service Cross upgraded to the Medal of Honor.

I have been in contact with Jean for over a year when she first wrote to me requesting that she would appreciate having anyone who knew her brother contact her.  Her request is posted on my site under "Request for Help".   Her two Senators, Lieberman and Dodd, are actively helping her in this quest.  The request for the upgrade is currently under review by the Department of the Army.

I will keep you posted on Jean Risley's progress in trying to have the Army upgrade her brother's medal.



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Failed to Meet Criteria - 2/20/04

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Appeal is being made to upgrade the Distinguished Service Cross 

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