By Direction

of the

President of the United States


Distinguished Service Cross

Is Awarded


James T. Taylor Jr.


Rank and Unit: Sergeant First Class, Detachment A-342, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces

Date and Place:  9 June 1965 to 10 June 1965, Republic of Vietnam

Reason:  For extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations involving conflict with an armed hostile force in the Republic of Vietnam: Sergeant First Class Taylor distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous actions from 9 June 1965 to 10 June 1965 while serving a medical specialist for the Special Forces camp at Dong Xoai.  At the onset of a vicious attack by an estimated Viet Cong regiment, Sergeant Taylor dashed into the deadly fire in search of casualties.  He found his seriously wounded commander crawling to a firing position, carried him the rest of the way, and gave him treatment that saved his life.  Sergeant Taylor then moved among their deteriorating defensive positions, calming the men, controlling their fire, and treating the wounded.  To reestablish communications with the executive officer, he ran and crawled 300 meters through explosions and rifle fire.  Finding the officer without a radio, he returned to his compound, escorted an operator to the isolated area, and again returned to his defensive duties.  Each time Sergeant Taylor risked death while passing through the frenzied fire of both hostile and friendly lines.  When perimeter positions became untenable, he helped carry his commander 300 meters to the headquarters building, the final strongpoint.  Throughout the day, ignoring his own injuries, he alternately treated wounded men and fought off attacks to within 20 meters of the building.  Sergeant Taylor's inspired leadership enabled the force to hold back an overwhelming Viet Cong siege for fourteen hours.  Sergeant Taylor's stamina and courage as a medic and a fighter preserved the defensive strength of the beleaguered unit.  His extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army.




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